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2017-09-14 23:58:31 -0700 asked a question openstack provider network configuration in opnfv

HI, i am using opnfv danube. After the openstack deployment, by default there are two networks created

  1. admininternalnetwork.
  2. adminfloatingnetwork. adminfloatingnetwork is configured as provider network as seen in the overview tab under networks.

but i am not able to able to attach my VM directly to this network, if i try to create a VM using this network, VM spwaning fails.

currently we are using two interface eth0 & eth1 eth0 used for PXE and other openstack servcies and eth1 used for public network.

Any inputs is appreciated.

The requirement is to directly attach the VM to public network (without natting).

Thanks, Srilakshmi

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2017-08-25 07:52:52 -0700 asked a question opnfv danube

Hi, i have installed danube opnfv and done with the openstack installation with PXE boot.

now if i wanted to reboot from controller node , i need to disable PXE boot and change the the boot order to boot from HDD. i have done the same, after reboot with these changes my controller node never came back, it only shows as offline in fuel GUI.

any inputs would be appreciated.

regards, Srilakshmi.

2017-08-22 05:23:15 -0700 asked a question opnfv release in production

Hi , can we use opnfv danube release in production site?

or any other opnfv release which can be used in production site?

thanks & regards, Srilakshmi