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SFC Usecase with Opendaylight

Hi, I am looking for SFC usecase across multiple Service Functions. I know work is in progress for the Brahmaputra release. But, I just wanted to know any kind of demo or tutorial available online to configure Opendaylight SFC. I deployed Openstack Controller running Opendaylight Lithium and Compute Node. I enalbled SFC related features in karaf console. I am able to browse Opendaylight SFC pages through the URL: http://localhost:8181/sfc/index.html I am able to launch 2 service function VM's (Firewall and Loadbalancer) in the compute node and able to get IPaddresses to those VM's through ODL. Now, I want to deploy a Service Function Chain consisting of the created VM's. I searched for the SFC demo usecase and found several videos. But, I am not able to relate those videos to my requirement. Can anyone point me to the demo usecase or sequence of configuration steps in Opendaylight SFC pages? And, one more doubt I have is that can we deploy SFC usecase in Opendaylight with out NSH support in OVS?

Regards, Srikanth.