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VNF loop vm image

asked 2016-05-31 23:45:40 -0700

YossiB gravatar image

Hi experts,

I'm new to the OPNFV/VSPERF world ,

I'm trying to check throughput and latency for PVP case , where host is running OVS-DPDK.

I did some tests with VM running linux kernel- l3 FWD capability, I would like to try also the vnf loop image used in VSPERF tests.

could you please point to doc/link that provides instructions for activating L2FWD loop in this VM ?

Kind Regards Yossi

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answered 2018-10-16 04:57:07 -0700

well my device was having issues that was not showing the loop images between the segments. Then someine told me about the components available at GeekBuying Coupons and the quality of the components. There are some great discounts are available on them.

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