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How to Deploy VNF instances over Arno.

asked 2016-05-25 23:49:49 -0800

shresth gravatar image

I have installed Arno and want to create VNF instances over it. Can anyone guide me in how to do that. ?

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answered 2018-06-23 00:15:18 -0800

akm17 gravatar image

There is public information that is located in one of the answers on site where you can ask a question and I'm sure that you will be responded in the shortest possible time. The information is below.

The VNF (VNFM) virtual network function manager is part of the NFV MANO (NFV Management and Operation) management architecture. VNFM interacts with the VIM (Virtualized Infrastructure Manager), the NFVO NFV services orchestrator, with virtual network functions VNF (Virtualized Network Functions), and with the Service Assurance (SA) reliability assurance module through the appropriate interfaces, according to the ETSI model.

The VNFM manager is responsible for managing the life cycle of VNF instances. In the SDN / NFV structure, many VNFM managers can work simultaneously, and each VNF instance is associated with its VNFM.

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