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Suggest using Gradle for build tool

asked 2014-11-19 15:54:17 -0800

dkarr gravatar image

I noticed that in the proposal information for OPNFV, that the Linux Foundation will provide the initial tool environment. I don't see any information that specifies what this will look like, or what tools will be used in its composition.

I may be misunderstanding the situation, but I'd say that the ideal build tool to use for the build process would be Gradle. Ant and Maven have been around for a long time, but Gradle was invented to address the shortcomings of both Ant and Maven, although it incorporates the best parts of both Ant and Maven (task library and declarative dependencies).

Obviously, this is most applicable to any Java-specific portions of this application and related frameworks. However, Gradle can also be used to build and assemble native code in C and C++, in addition to web applications using HTML and JavaScript.

We can have more detailed discussions about this, but I wanted to get this idea out there if there was any question about what should be done here.

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answered 2014-11-20 07:18:46 -0800

Hi dkarr,

I'm not familiar with Gradle but did a quick search and a Gradle RPM is not available for CentOS 7 (base distro or EPEL). It's my understanding that the initial OPNFV "get_started" infrastructure will be CentOS 7 based so the lack of a Gradle RPM would need to be solved. The OPNFV infrastructure proposals (available on the wiki) are discussed on the mailing list and in conference calls so if you want to champion Gradle that is probably a better place to do it.

Best, Patrick

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