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Fail on Deploy - Installing Brahmaputra

asked 2016-05-02 04:37:42 -0700

bossbeasley gravatar image

updated 2016-05-04 02:34:35 -0700

Hi, I have a 5 node setup (3 controller, 2 compute). I've installed the fuel master server ok and setup the openstack environment according to the documentation. Network verification check has passed ok. When I go to deploy the environment, the nodes reach 6% complete and then the deploment fails with the message below. It looks like missing packages - i'm using local mirror (changing the repo settings to point to the fuel master as per intructions). Any ideas please? I


Error Provision has failed. Failed to execute hook 'shell' Failed to run command cd / && fabuildimage --imagebuilddir /var/lib/fuel/ibp --log-file /var/log/fuel-agent-env-2.log --datadriver nailgunbuildimage --inputdata '{"imagedata": {"/boot": {"container": "gzip", "uri": "", "format": "ext2"}, "/": {"container": "gzip", "uri": "", "format": "ext4"}}, "output": "/var/www/nailgun/targetimages", "repos": [{"name": "ubuntu", "section": "main", "uri": "", "priority": null, "suite": "trusty", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "ubuntu-updates", "section": "main", "uri": "", "priority": null, "suite": "trusty-updates", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "ubuntu-security", "section": "main", "uri": "", "priority": null, "suite": "trusty-security", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "mos", "section": "main restricted", "uri": "", "priority": 1050, "suite": "mos8.0", "type": "deb"}, {"name": "Auxiliary", "section": "main restricted", "uri": "", "priority": 1150, "suite": "auxiliary", "type": "deb"}], "codename": "trusty"}'

I see the following error in the Astute logs:

2016-05-02 11:21:21 ERROR [451] Error running provisioning: Image build task failed. Please check build log here for details: /var/log/docker-logs/fuel-agent-env-2.log. Hint: restart deployment can help if no error in build log was found, trace: ["/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/orchestrator.rb:109:in rescue in block in provision'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/orchestrator.rb:102:inblock in provision'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/provision.rb:288:in call'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/provision.rb:288:inreportimageprovision'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/orchestrator.rb:96:in provision'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/dispatcher.rb:51:inprovision'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/dispatcher.rb:37:in image_provision'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:189:indispatchmessage'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/server.rb:146:in block in dispatch'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/task_queue.rb:64:incall'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0/lib/astute/server/taskqueue.rb:64:in block in each'", "/usr/share/gems/gems/astute-8.0.0 ... (more)

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answered 2016-05-03 06:16:03 -0700

lmcdasm gravatar image


generally this means that you were not able to reach the external repos (internet) from either your fuel node or your controllers as they were installing. At 6% you should really just be starting the OS part, so i suspect that when you installed your FUEL node, the bootstrap wasnt created. You can run "fuel-bootstrap" commands to see if there is a bootstrap image created (i think it proabably is created to some point, since you did get PXE boot).

Some other things. - can you confirm that your controllers and FUEL can all reach the GW Ip that you ahve set for PUBLIC (required for HA) Can you confirm that you can reach a real NTP server - using the FUEL VM as NTP source is sometimes tricky and that all the nodes can reach that NTP clocksource?

Can you tell me, are you using internet access or the internal REPOS, if you dont have internet access, then you can modify the URL in the Settings page of your environment prior to deployment and ensure that you use the Internal URI's that are outlined in the B-release UserGuide for FUEL@OPNFV.

Cheers and let me know? Daniel

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Thanks Daniel Added some extra info to my question above. I think you're right in that I have a build problem.

bossbeasley ( 2016-05-04 02:36:24 -0700 )edit

answered 2016-05-07 04:29:41 -0700

bossbeasley gravatar image

Steps to resolve this issue:

Create local mirror on Fuel Master -

In order to use fuel-createmirror script, you must first issue the following commands:

1) wget -O /tmp/ubuntu.trusty.tar.xz

2) docker load -i /tmp/ubuntu.trusty.tar.xz

If you're behind a proxy, ensure environement is set for proxy server use:

1) export http_proxy="http://<proxy_ip>:<proxy_port>"

2) export RSYNC_PROXY:<proxy_ip>:<proxy_port>

Create the mirror:


If the script fails with client error code 400, I found I had to delete my openstack environment first, then re-run the script.

Once the script complete, re-create the environment. All REPOS under the settings tab will now point to the fuel master.

Deploy should now work.

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