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trunk port creation error in Brahamputra

asked 2016-04-26 03:24:03 -0800

Hi ,

I have installed OPNFV Brahmaputra (Fuel) in my lab.

I am trying to onboard SBGv on Brahmaputra release. While doing configuration hitting one issue related to trunk port. As per the SBGv installation document below are the trunk port creation CLIs which is verified on IceHouse not working on Brahmaputra (Liberty).

$ neutron port-create --name sbg1-PL3-eth1trunk sbg1-trunk --trunkport:type trunk --fixed-ip ipaddress=

Error: Unrecognized attribute(s) 'trunkport:type'

$ neutron port-create --name sbg1-PL3-eth151 tenant51 --trunkport:type subport --trunkport:parentid neutron port-list | grep sbg1-PL3-eth1_trunk | awk '{print $2}' --trunkport:vid 151 --fixed-ip ipaddress=

Error: Unrecognized attribute(s) 'trunkport:vid, trunkport:parent_id, trunkport:type'

I verified neutron spec in Liberty from below link and found the new CLI to create trunk port in Liberty.

$ neutron trunk-port-create --name T

But unfortunately the above CLI also not working on OPNFV Brahmaputra.

I got error "Invalid command u'trunk-port-create --name'"

Could you please suggest what sets of CLI available in Brahmaputra release to support creation of trunk port.

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answered 2016-04-27 15:14:10 -0800

lmcdasm gravatar image

Hey there..

just to follow on the question, I think in the tech-discuss we outlined that this is due to the fact there is some code used to supply the trunk-port-creation feature that is currently not in upstream liberty (mainline release), and thus would not have made it into the OPNFV release, therefor the commands fail.

in the tech-discussion, it was noted there was some issues upstreaming that code, and to that end, OPNFV provides a vehicle - via using the FUEL plugin as a wrapper - that you might find an easier method for upstreaming. This would allow to you use any normal installer/distribution method in OPNFV and then apply your needed code.

Cheers, Daniel

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Asked: 2016-04-26 03:24:03 -0800

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