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Dumb Question : Integration of opendaylight with opnfv

asked 2016-03-16 21:43:02 -0700 gravatar image

updated 2016-03-16 21:43:56 -0700

Hi All,

Probably it would be quite the dumbest question, but I couldn't find any documentation of integration of opendaylight with opnfv, Could I get any help in this context?

Thanking in anticipation.



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answered 2016-05-24 12:15:56 -0700

dneary gravatar image


You might be interested in a more general description of how OpenStack integrates OpenDaylight:

You might also like Flavio Fernandes's blog series on using OpenDaylight OVSDB NetVirt with OpenStack DevStack:

I hope this helps!


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answered 2016-03-24 04:38:46 -0700

lmcdasm gravatar image


What documentation are you looking for?

The FUEL B-release comes with a list of FUEL Plugins (ODL being one of them) that are all available on /opt/opnfv of the FUEL server once its installed.

The enable/disable functions of a plugin are outlined in the FUEL Operations manual - basically "fuel-plugin enable".

When you enable the ODL plugin, the option to select a NODE to have the OpenDaylight controller role become available during environment creation steps - so you can say " i want this node to be my ODL Controller".

Once you have defined your environment, selected your nodes (all this stuff is outlined in the B-release II) and selected VXLAN and clicked Deploy, your Openstack will be deployed with the ODL being installed on whatever node you selected to have this Role - and your OVS will be integrated (meaning that when the system is done deploying, your OVS's will point to the OVS-manager i.e ODL) and you can see the "default networks" reflected in the ODL UI, etc, etc.

Hope that answers your question D

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