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asked 2014-10-08 03:27:32 -0800

kprabhu gravatar image


I would like to know how I can contribute to the blueprints that are already defined. Are there any blueprints defined as of now.

I am exploring the tools by logging into Linux Foundation, but I dont see any contributions as of now. Could you please throw some light :)

Thanks Prabhu

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answered 2014-10-08 10:55:36 -0800

vmetodiev gravatar image

I am also looking for the answer of the same question.... please inform us! :)

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answered 2014-10-22 18:29:01 -0800

mdolan gravatar image

Hi the best place for this question is on the tech-discuss mailing lists IMO.

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answered 2014-11-20 07:25:34 -0800

Hi Prabhu,

As far as I know currently there are no blueprints on launchpad. All proposals can be found on the Wiki at and they are discussed on the mailing list (subscribe at ) and during conference calls (info at ).

Best, Patrick

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Also, the current approved projects are listed on the main wiki page

blsaws ( 2015-01-06 16:37:10 -0800 )edit

answered 2019-02-12 01:24:39 -0800

PhoenixFoster gravatar image

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