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About network slicing

asked 2016-01-29 23:27:54 -0800

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updated 2016-02-02 01:18:51 -0800


I am a beginner in OPNFV. May I ask a question?

How to do network slicing in OPNFV?

Does it provide this function for us?

Thank you for answering me!

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answered 2017-02-07 01:16:02 -0800

amirhtv gravatar image


I am a beginner in openflow. We want to set up a cloud in openstack consisting of compute nodes together with network nodes. About the network side I have some questions. Would that be possible to use Mininet which is controlled by opendaylight to create the network side? I know that opendaylight is supported in openstack and also mininet uses OVS which is also supported by openstack.

My other option is to use OVS directly to create my own topology. But since, I just have one server, I am a bit confused how I can implement several bridges connected to each other. Should I create some containers?

Please help me if you know any information about this.

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answered 2016-02-03 15:06:08 -0800

lmcdasm gravatar image

hello there.

welcome to OPNFV>

when you say slicing..can you be more specific in what context you mean?

For example, if we talk about Network topologies that you can deploy with OPNFV, then the next level is what installer and the installer features you would be looking for.

IN the end, each installer will deploy openstack, and then of course, you have the various L2 and L3 topologies and technologies that are delivered with/work with Openstack - each of the installers of OPNFV will have different options and variations on the features that are available with Openstack.

if you are wanting to know about Openstack Network slicing, and in using VLAN, VXLAN, GRE or other type of networking technologies.. then i would suggest you start here.

Cheers and if you can be more specific about what area of slicing you mean, i can be more specific.


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