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Communication between OpenStack cloud environments using Arno

asked 2015-12-05 05:05:01 -0800

Deivarayan gravatar image


I built 2 OpenStack cloud environments with 1 controller and 1 compute node in each cloud environment. I would like to know whether Arno supports communication between these clouds ?

Thanks in advance!!!

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answered 2016-02-04 11:58:05 -0800

lmcdasm gravatar image

Hey there.

When you say "communication" between the two controllers, there are lots of different meaning. You could be talking about using some openstack federation and linking the two together, but if the question is whether arno, when it deploys two clouds under its control (at least im speaking about FUEL) allows for the configuration deployed so they are interconnected (controllerA --> computeB and ControllerB-->ComputeA in a fashion as that), then no.

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answered 2015-12-15 04:57:19 -0800

lukehinds gravatar image

Arno won't even work, unless the controller can communicate to the compute node.

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