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Vyatta virtual router as VNF

asked 2015-11-26 04:30:17 -0700

Deivarayan gravatar image


I have launched vyatta router as a VNF using Heat orchestration. Could someone please let me know how to send boot configuration to vyatta during instance launching. I made a user-data script but it didnt work. Then i found that vyatta does not support cloud-init. Could someone please help

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answered 2015-11-27 05:31:40 -0700

lmcdasm gravatar image

hey there.

As far as I know, the Vyatta image doesnt allow for a Cloud-init page, so you would have to basically do something like the following:

  • assume you have your ISO / image for vyatta
  • boot the VM and do the "setup install image" so that you have a permanent installation an a image (cinder disk) somewhere
  • mount the image (cause it will be a linux Filesystem) offline and make the file changes you need.

However, since vyatta has a config and user mode, im not sure that you can just change the files like that and have Vyatta read it - i think you need to use their terminal.

If i remember (been a while - 2 years since i played with Vyatta in openstack) they have an API that you can send things to once the VM is up - maybe that helps?

GOod luck! Daniel

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Thank you so much for your reply. I have been following the same steps as you mentioned above. But the problem is i cannot manually change every VNF as my set up involves lots of configuration in many VNF's. When i set up the VNF with floating IP, I could send python script and configure vyatta but

Deivarayan ( 2015-11-27 05:45:35 -0700 )edit

to do that, i need to enable SSH in vyatta, So again i need to manually change the configuration :( I tried to add the script in rc.local file but it does not work well as well. I am looking for some boot up configuration like user-data :(

Deivarayan ( 2015-11-27 05:46:57 -0700 )edit

I am also facing similar issue. I want to automate the initial configuration of Vyos/Vyatta VNF instead of manually logging in and setting management IP and ssh service from console. Hi Deivarayan, can you help us if you have already resolved this.

shivakkr ( 2018-04-06 06:17:24 -0700 )edit

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