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VNF Deployment [closed]

asked 2015-11-03 05:53:45 -0800

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I have deployed OPNFV Arno SR1 with opendaylight plugin. Currently, I am trying to launch a VNF using Arno (before that, I would like to have a clear understanding on VNF).

To my understanding, Launching a instance on Horizon with a linux image and running a router/firewall/switch image over the linux image is called as a virtual network function. Please correct me if am wrong.

Please let me know whether it is possible to run a router image on a compute instance ? Also, Can i launch a VNF as a service from opendaylight/openstack instead of manual creation as above. Thanks in advance!!!

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answered 2015-11-19 05:40:28 -0800

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I found the way myself. Yes, we can launch a router image on a compute instance. I used vyatta. and we can initiate the creation,deletion, start and stop of VNF using OpenStack Heat service.

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