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Integration of all modules

asked 2015-04-28 03:43:42 -0700 gravatar image

Hello Sir,

I have been studying on NFV from past 3-4 months and I just came to have to a look that all the modules of NFV are separately running and they are producing there results. So what is the status of combining them and build a complete setup where the complete test with all integration can be done?

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answered 2015-05-05 09:39:00 -0700

blsaws gravatar image

OPNFV's first release "Arno" will very soon make it possible for you to use a combined platform with cloud and SDN controllers, virtual infrastructure components, etc, and execute basic tests upon that platform, as well as some more complex VNF applications. So watch the wiki for the release announcement!

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Arno is out now and you can find details at

smccann ( 2015-06-23 13:28:02 -0700 )edit

where is the best place to check for VNF plugins

buamod ( 2015-10-14 00:05:47 -0700 )edit

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