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Lost connection with controller node during openstack installation using fuel deployment [closed]

asked 2015-09-29 10:17:08 -0800

Deivarayan gravatar image

updated 2015-10-01 05:51:23 -0800


I installed Fuel using multi node (no HA) deployment and PXE booted my controller,compute nodes. Verify network was succesfull.After which when i clicked deploy changes, centos got installed in both the nodes. During openstack installation in controller node, I lost connection with controller node from fuel via admin network. I am using controller node as a virtual machine in virtualbox.

I have only one interface in my controller node in which I have admin network connected to physical port of my controller node and other networks (private,public,storage and management) connected using VLAN. Also, I dont have internet connectivity in Controller node. Internet connectivity is only available in Fuel.

Controller node networks:

*Admin network (PXE, eth0) -

Public network (eth0.100) -

Mgmt network(eth0.101) -

Storage network(eth0.102)- My default gateway is*

Fuel master networks:

Admin network (PXE,eth0) -

External network (eth1) -

After the openstack installation started, my default gateway was changed to and i lost connectivity with Fuel. Could anyone please give some advice to solve this problem. Also, please let me know whether its mandatory for controller node to have internet access ?

Thanks in advance!!!

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answered 2015-10-07 09:27:36 -0800

lmcdasm gravatar image

Hello there.

A couple of questions..

what ARNO are you deploying (SR1 or ARNO REl A)? can you please confirm that all nodes have access to the NTP server defined. if you are using SR1 - have you updated the settings to use Local Repos (if your controllers and computes dont have internet access).

This issue is usually seen when you dont have a NTP server - note - you cant really use FUEL as NTP server (it should be upstream).

For your last question - when you boot the ISO (if you are on SR0) then you need to change the boot menu line to "showmenu=true" .. once you are in there you can edit the networks as you need. This is outlined in the installation instructions available at .

I would suggest that you do with SR1 now that it is out - it has support for Internet-less installs.

Cheers, D

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Hi, Thank you so much for your response. I am using ARNO REI A. I found the problem, it was due to my VM (bridged interface problem). I changed it from VM to a dedicated Centos machine. Now i could install Arno successfully.

Deivarayan ( 2015-10-07 13:20:49 -0800 )edit

Also, I am planning to test some OPNFV functionalities. Could you please suggest some link where i can see all the functionalities of OPNFV?

Deivarayan ( 2015-10-07 13:28:27 -0800 )edit

Great.. can you please start to close some of your questions and up vote the answers? please review to the OPNFV SR1 release site, since each installer outlines what is supportted in OPNFV.

lmcdasm ( 2015-10-08 05:42:21 -0800 )edit

Hi, I have a small query. Actually i used Fuel as NTP server during pre deployment. But still Fuel was able to deploy openstack successfully (I am able to launch an instance and perform routing across different instances). Now, I am planning to integrate ODL. Could you please let me know whether it

Deivarayan ( 2015-10-13 06:27:55 -0800 )edit

could fail because of NTP servers ? Also, does controller and compute nodes require internet access apart from NTP server access as i cannot connect my nodes to internet accessible local network because it has a PXE boot server and DHCP server in that network and i dont have permission to diable it.

Deivarayan ( 2015-10-13 06:31:31 -0800 )edit

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