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How to leverage this platform to create a usable 4G/5G network?

asked 2018-12-12 01:53:20 -0700

I'm an recently started amateur independent contributor to the OPNFV community. I have a web & cloud infrastructure DevOps background for the past 10 years and very new to the telecom world.

I'm successful in installing the OPNFV infra using the Compass installer and don't know how to use it further. Have tried deploying various TOSCA vnfd templates through the command line and the UI which were successful but don't know how to tie things together to make some sense.

The SampleVNF project seems the closest to the real world but still doesn't give a clarity of the end result. Would you be able to help me with some reading material on how we can leverage this OPNFV platform to create a usable 4G / 5G network?

Any help is appreciated.

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answered 2018-12-18 02:13:21 -0700

Answering my own question -

This is the reply from the SampleVNF project lead which is quite useful -

"The SampleVNF project as defined in the project site, is meant for providing various integration and testing projects sample functions which are closely approximated for real world functions. When we started we were hoping that people would contribute with new functions but that never happened, hence if you really want to build a usable 4G or 5G network elements there will be missing pieces. I would recommend you to look at the CORD project which has all the relevant components in there."

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answered 2018-12-25 09:34:12 -0700

eddie007 gravatar image

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