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Clarification on Network requirement for Fuel deployment [closed]

asked 2015-09-24 03:51:12 -0800

Samwilliams gravatar image

updated 2015-09-24 05:08:52 -0800


I am setting up the environment for Arno deployment using Fuel without HA. From the hardware spec, I find that i need the following 3 networks. 1. Public Network (for internet connectivity). 2. Private Network (for PXE boot) 3. Admin Network (for communication between Controller and Compute nodes).

Hardware Spe Link i used:

I have 2 physical NIC in my Jump server. One of which i connected to a public network and the other i connected to a private network.

Similarly, I have 2 physical NIC in my Controller node. One of which i connected to a private network and the other i connected directly to compute node (for Admin network).

In my comute node, i have 2 phyical NIC. I connected these same as the controller node.

I installed Fuel. In my fuel web interface i find 3 types of network in network tab. 1. Public network 2 Storage network (i understand this is a internal network and can be of any ip network with VLAN). 3. Management (Internal network and can be of any ip network with VLAN).

Could you please say me the relation between the public network in fuel web and the networks mentioned in the hardware specification (Public/Private/Admin) and also the floating ip ranges. I mean, is the public network mentioned in hardware spec is the same public network in network tab of fuel web ?

Also, i thought private network mentioned in hardware spec is used for PXE boot, but in fuel web, i see Admin network is mentioned with PXE boot. Please clarify

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answered 2015-09-24 08:06:25 -0800

lmcdasm gravatar image

updated 2015-09-26 11:50:19 -0800


Maybe this helps:

ADMIN/PXE - is private untagged LAN between FUEL and your COMPUTE/CONTROL (Physical hosts)

PUBLIC - A (optionally tagged - so you can run one NIC) network that will be used for publicURL for controllers, and HA-VIP. Optionally you can have your control nodes have a Public IP. As well, a range defined (further down) is set aside fo use in neutron floating-ip (thus you can use floatingip-associate functions with neutron to VM - L3) later on if desired.

MGMT - the private (optionally tagged - so you can run on one NIC) network that openstack talks over. Also the keystone endpoing privateURL points to here.

PRIVATE - the private tagged vlan if for VXLAN tunnels (VNI)

STORAGE - a (optionally tagged - so you can run on on NIC) network for storage connections.

Here is how i setup my stuff. You will need to setup the VLANs and if you want to route the PUBLIC-OSTACK LAN the appropriate commands as well

        SWITCH - EXTERNAL - - Connected to eth1 on FUEL p10
          -  PUBLIC_OSTACK1 - - VLAN100 - tagged to eth0 all hosts (half will be used for floating IP) - 
          -  MGMT_OSTACK1 - - VLAN101 - Tagged to eth0 all hosts
          -  STORAGE_OSTACK1 - - VLAN102 - Tagged to eth0 all hosts
          -  ADMIN_PXE_OSTACK1 - - untagged - Connected to eth0 all hosts (physical ports)
          -  PRIVATE_OSTACK1 - no ip gw set - tagged 3000 - on All Eth1 post for hosts (phys ports).          

     FUEL  eth0 -       HOST1 - eth0 - (DHCP from fuel)

     eth1 - (external to internet)           eth0.100 - (VLAN 100)

                                     eth0.101 - (VLAN 101)

                                     eth0.102 - (VLAN 102)

                                     eth1 - used for VXLAN tunnels between machines (Configure Interfaces in GUI)
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Do you have internet connectivity in PUBLIC_OSTACK1 network ? Also, Do we require internet connectivity in controller and compute nodes apart from Fuel?

Samwilliams ( 2015-09-30 06:02:08 -0800 )edit

I was working in a fuel development project in this city I was new there so I need to clarification on network requirement. I need to submit my application that I download from this was belong to them.

SamDerrin ( 2018-10-08 03:27:32 -0800 )edit

answered 2015-10-07 09:30:51 -0800

lmcdasm gravatar image

depending on the place im installing and if i setup the route. For SR1 if you use local repos, then your PUBLIC OSTACK doesnt need to be internet routable. Depending on the task, if i want my "PUBLIC" to be routable, i sometimes drop a vrouter in front, but again, it depends on your switch and hw.

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