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Problem installing by Foreman/Quickstack

asked 2015-09-23 07:49:13 -0700

dbalsige gravatar image

Hi there

I am trying to do a Arno installation by Foreman/Quickstack with following ISO: . I am doing a bare metal deplyoment on 5 nodes + jumphost. I am following the guide: . I want to create the inventoy file according my nodes, like stated in the guide:

You now need to take the MAC address/IPMI info gathered in section Execution Requirements (Bare Metal Only) and create the YAML inventory (also known as configuration) file for 1. Copy the opnfvksgensettings.yml file from /root/bgsvagrant/ to another directory and rename it to be what you want EX: /root/myksgen_settings.yml

However I cannot find any opnfvksgensettings.yml, even the /root/bgs_vagrant/ directory does not exist. The jumphost is freshly installed from the above ISO. So where to find the template for the configuration ?

Any help appreciated.

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answered 2015-09-23 10:09:45 -0700

threesmaller gravatar image

Try this

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Thank you! One comment: tries to provision a chef/centos-7.0 vm, which doesn't exist. I changed to use opnfv/centos-7.0 instead. Which leads to some other problems -> see this question:

dbalsige ( 2015-09-24 06:14:15 -0700 )edit

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