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asked 2018-02-02 01:40:50 -0800

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I was trying many times to install OPNFV and i have tried Juju, Compass and Fuel. But all failed.

My recent try with Juju is as follows:

git clone -b stable/euphrates https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/p/joi... cd joid/ci ./03-maasdeploy.sh

this step completes without error

./deploy.sh -s odl -t noha -o pike -l default -f dpdk -d xenial -a amd64 -m openstack -i 1 --maasinstall 0

it failed with:

15:22:59 INFO cmd bundle.go:295 Resolving charm: cs:xenial/ubuntu 15:22:59 DEBUG httpbakery client.go:244 client do GET https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore... buntu/meta/any?include=id&include=supported-series&include=published { 15:23:01 DEBUG httpbakery client.go:246 } -> error 15:23:01 DEBUG juju.api monitor.go:35 RPC connection died panic: charm or bundle URL has invalid form: "./xenial/neutron-api-odl"

then i reinstall a fresh OS and redo the above steps but

./deploy.sh -s odl -t noha -o pike -l default -f dpdk -d xenial -a amd64 -m kubernetes -i 1 --maasinstall 1

it failed with:

16:03:46 INFO cmd supercommand.go:465 command finished + juju model-config default-series=xenial enable-os-refresh-update=false enable-os-upgrade=false + ./02-deploybundle.sh noha pike default odl dpdk xenial kubernetes + opnfvtype=noha + openstack=pike + opnfvlab=default + opnfvsdn=odl + opnfvfeature=dpdk + opnfvdistro=xenial + opnfvmodel=kubernetes + [[ kubernetes = \o\p\e\n\s\t\a\c\k ]] + ./kubernetes/fetch-charms.sh xenial + distro=xenial + mkdir -p xenial + charm pull cs:ntp xenial/ntp ERROR cannot read archive: unexpected EOF

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