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Cluster[]: Loop detected!

asked 2017-08-07 22:56:46 -0700

wangjq_china gravatar image

Hi?one controller + opendaylight + tacker node?two compute node

The following problems occur during installation? Deployment has failed. Method taskdeploy. Cluster[]: Loop detected! Path: Task[clearnodesinfo/9], Task[predeploymentend/virtualsyncnode], Task[deploystart/7], Task[openstack-haproxy-mysqld/7], Task[openstack-haproxy/7], Task[openstack-network-start/9], Task[openstack-network-common-config/9], Task[openstack-network-end/9], Task[sahara/7], Task[opendaylightend/7], Task[primary-controllerstart/7], Task[openstack-network-routers/7], Task[primary-openstack-network-agents-l3/7], Task[openstack-network-agents-l3/9], Task[openstack-network-end/9]. Inspect Astute logs for the details

Can anyone faced the same issue? Please help me in debugging the issue.


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answered 2018-07-19 01:27:23 -0700

akm17 gravatar image

Did you try to reset everything to the factory settings and with a clean cache and disconnected additional nodes? I have not seen a video tutorial, but you can ask at about the relevant topic, maybe they have tutorial material or video.

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Asked: 2017-08-07 22:56:46 -0700

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