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FUEL - No option to install ceilometer

asked 2017-07-06 07:43:36 -0700

emilyzz gravatar image

I am attempting to deploy OPNFV with FUEL in order to use YardStick and the NSB extension. I have 3 Controllers and 1 Compute node, each on its own server.

Everything is fine until I try to create an OpenStack environment using the WebUI. The guide that I am following says that there should be an option under "additional services" to add it, but ceilometer is not there. Granted, the guide lists Mitaka on Ubuntu 14.04 so it's not the most up to date. There are other services listed such as Sahara, Ironic, and Congress. I already successfully deployed with FUEL once by ignoring the steps concerning ceilometer/telemetry/MongoDB since the options weren't listed. But of course, I couldn't set up YardStick without those services.

Is there another way to install those services?

7.4 #7

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answered 2017-07-18 06:38:29 -0700

emilyzz gravatar image


In 7.1, between step 9 and 10, there should be an additional step to enable experimental features in the "feature groups" tab. This should be updated on the installation guide.

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