OPNFV Danube 2.0: Fuel deployment failed

asked 2017-07-02 07:55:57 -0700

srik1782 gravatar image

Hi, I am using OPNFV Danube 2.0 release. I am trying to deploy Openstack setup with one OpenStack Controller + ODL Controller + Tacker, two compute nodes. While deploying, I am getting the following error in astute logs:

2017-07-01 17:09:50 ERROR [2330] Puppet agent took too long to run puppet task. Mark task as failed. Node 5, task odlremovehiera, manifest /etc/fuel/plugins/opendaylight-1.0/puppet/manifests/remove-odl-override.pp

Can anyone faced the same issue? Please help me in debugging the issue.

Regards, Srikanth.

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