Fail to build bootstrap image in the first booting

asked 2017-03-26 11:33:17 -0700

ttcong gravatar image

updated 2017-03-26 11:34:47 -0700

Hello everyone,

Followed the instruction in this link , I have successfully installed the Jump host on a VM (VMWare Workstation). Bootstrap image has automatically been built and activated. (default setup)

But when I repeat the same step in bare metal (default setup), I get the bootstrap image building failed error. This is my fuel-bootstrap-image-build.log

I can make sure that my Internet connection is not broken. Even when I try to set up a local repository and manually build it again, it's still failed.

So I try to replace all the localhost links in "/etc/fuel-bootstrap-cli/fuelbootstrapcli.yaml" by the links suggested by "/usr/share/fuelbootstrapcli/fuelbootstrapcli.yaml.sample", it works !!! Bootstrap image can be built and activated.

So anyone can tell me why please ???

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