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OPNFV Phase One VNF Management and Orchestration

asked 2014-11-21 08:39:52 -0800

davejohnston gravatar image


I understand that the initial phase of OPNFV dealing with NFVI and VIM, but in the background are their any sub-teams beginning to look at VNF management and orchestration? Will there be a 'standin' orchestrator and VNF manager used, during the work of the initial phase until APIs can be fleshed out?

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answered 2014-12-08 18:23:40 -0800

blsaws gravatar image

Mapping the MANO "stack" as defined in the ETSI NFV architecture to the existing projects (e.g. ODL, OpenStack) is not simple. Exactly what functions will be provided by the VNFM vs the VIM for example is still open. What we have agreed is to focus on the VIM and its northbound interfaces, to the extent (limited) that they have been defined. So it's likely in the focus on specific projects that some blurry (future) boundaries will be straddled. AFAIK there is no plan to package a VNFO or VNFM component as such in Release 1, but we might provide some "test drivers" that abstract some of the functions of these components in the interest of exercising the northbound interfaces of the VIM, or use some off-the-shelf VNFM/VNFO functions of OpenStack for example in the testing process.

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