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Fuel install fail in virtual environment for os-odl_l2-nofeature-noha scenario

asked 2017-01-19 04:42:43 -0700

BabuKothandaraman gravatar image


I have been trying to install OPNFV in a virtual environment using Fuel installer for the scenario os-odll2-nofeature-noha for Colorado.3.0 release. First time I tried the installation, it created the fuel master node and installed all the other nodes. But it did not deploy the environment for the scenario I mentioned. The installation just hung for more than 2 hours so I aborted the installation. After which I used the deploy script option -f to deploy on existing fuel master. Now it fails the installation with error message "KeyError: 'pluginid'". When I did some digging around I found that the dea.yaml file used by Fuel in Fuel-Master does not have plugin_id, has anyone else faced the same problem?

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answered 2017-03-13 01:42:43 -0700

BabuKothandaraman gravatar image

This issue is solved, it was because I was trying to install the scenario on top of a VM with limited harddisk. When I installed it on bare metal server with LVM, the installation was successful.

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