Error in OPNFV(Fuel) deployment error for a custom kernel/package

asked 2016-12-29 22:22:37 -0700

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I am trying to install a customer kernel(4.7.0-2) with OPNFV which is based on Ubuntu trusty 14.04. I brought up this kernel successfully for bootstrapping the Fuel slave nodes using "--script /root/" option while building "fuel-bootstrap" image.

Now I would like to do similar customization with target images while deploying OPNFV. Which command is used for this during deployment and is there anyway I can provide the option like --script /root/ For example, during bootstrap build I used below script which worked. Need similar option or method during target image build. Please suggest and help.

echo "START user-script" apt-get remove -y linux-image-generic-* linux-image-* apt-get purge -y linux-image-generic-* linux-image-* rm -f /boot/vmlinuz* rm -f /boot/initrd* apt-get install -f -y linux-image-4.7.0-2-generic echo "download extra" apt-get download linux-image-extra-4.7.0-2-generic echo "install extra " dpkg -i --force-depends linux-image-extra-4.7.0-2-generic4.7.0-2.5~pdaw1.0+bandera.9arm64.deb echo "END user-script"

Thanks -Venkat

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