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Building Colorado ISO for armband

asked 2016-12-08 01:21:52 -0700

vvenkat gravatar image

I am getting the below error when I try to build the ISO for armband.

Error: Could not open local rpm file: /tmp/fuel-main/localmirror/mos-centos//Packages/mysql-wsrep-test-5.6-5.6.23wsrep25.10-25.10.el7~mos7.x8664.rpm: RPM Error opening Package

Can anyone answer this please ?

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answered 2016-12-22 20:48:21 -0700

vvenkat gravatar image

Update on this: It always fails to download the rpm file from the mirror for this specific package along with one another package. I worked around this for now by downloading the package manually and keep in that path.

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Asked: 2016-12-08 01:21:52 -0700

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