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More than one Ethernet interface is not visible during Fuel Installation [closed]

asked 2016-11-25 03:55:18 -0700

vvenkat gravatar image

I tried installing the Colorado 2.0 release on a Intel machine using Fuel. When it reaches to 5th step-Network Setup in "Install Fuel Master"(See above link) I don't see more than one ethernet interface, though I have both the ethernet interfaces enabled in hardware.

This is on Windows 7 using VMWare Player ( I chose this for now after several experiments on other VMs). But when I try to install a ubuntu.iso, after the installation "ifconfig" shows both the interfaces. Whereas Colorado opnfv.iso is not detecting the second interface. I checked at Shell login (at 5th Step-Network Setup) and tried ifconfig, there also it shows only one interface(eth0).

Please help if you have seen such issue and resolved it.


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answered 2016-12-05 03:10:05 -0700

vvenkat gravatar image

I got this solved by installing CentOS on the Host machine and run virt manager ....Added the network adapter during VM launch on the CentOS os Machine by adding two bridges br0(adding eth0) and br1(adding eth1).

I could see both the ethernets in the Fuel menu and configure


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