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How to setup a custom vCPE?

asked 2016-11-23 06:23:17 -0800

GiuseppeCivitella gravatar image

Hi all, I'd like to setup a POC showing how to use Openstack/Opendaylight to enable a customer to connect, let say, a branch office to a corporate SDN network. I've been able to find documentation about setup on the cloud side but I'm still struggling to find documentation explaining how to install a custom vCPE. The one I'd install on x86 hardware and deliver on the customer's branch office to connect to the SDN network. Do anyone have any pointers about this?

Thanks a lot Giuseppe

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answered 2018-07-01 06:10:34 -0800

akm17 gravatar image

You need to apply to the site StudyDaddy there in the programming section all explain, I saw there is a similar question, I'm sure you will be helped there!

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