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requirements for opnfv installation

asked 2016-09-22 01:10:03 -0800

itai257 gravatar image

Hey, i'm new with the all thing here, i'm about to install the opnfv and have few questions before starting. 1. which version should I install (arno or Brahmaputra) and what are the difference? 2. which install tool should I pick? will they all provide the same outcome? 3. can I install the opnfv on A single server? 4. which OS should I install before starting the opnfv installation? centos? redhat? the all opnfv versions and installation tools support all os? (prefer RedHat) little confused maybe someone can pour some light here... Thanks,Itay.

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answered 2016-09-27 01:39:33 -0800

fdegir gravatar image

updated 2016-09-27 01:40:00 -0800

  1. We just released Colorado. You can get more information about it from
  2. This depends on what features you are interested in and so on. Please take a look at the release notes from
  3. Installers support nested deployments meaning that you should be able to bring up an OPNFV installation using VMs if you have good enough machine with enough cores, RAM, disk space. I suggest you to take a look at install tool documentation for the requirements.
  4. This also depends on the install tool.
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Asked: 2016-09-22 01:10:03 -0800

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