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What is the difference between Openstack Tacker component and OPNFV ?

asked 2016-07-15 05:24:49 -0800

abhilashgoyal gravatar image

Please help me to to differentiate between these two.

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answered 2016-07-15 06:54:48 -0800

mskalski gravatar image


In OPNFV we are using Tacker version which support SFC through OpenDaylight controller, upstream version does not support this.

You can find Tacker version used in OPNFV in this repository

There is also plan to add SFC support in networking-odl, and then use that in upstream version of Tacker through networking-sfc.

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Hi, Thanks a lot for your answer. I have a doubt regarding the same, can I use tacker and OPNFV interchangeably ?

abhilashgoyal ( 2016-07-17 21:37:51 -0800 )edit

Tacker is a VNF manager, it is one from many components which are tested and developed inside OPNFV project:

mskalski ( 2016-07-18 01:42:07 -0800 )edit

answered 2018-11-10 05:21:02 -0800

This is lit as done.


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