Brahmaputra/Fuel : Could not prefetch keystone_endpoint provider 'openstack'

asked 2016-07-12 00:36:55 -0700

Amit Bhardwaj gravatar image

updated 2016-07-17 07:56:58 -0700

Update #1 :

Getting this error at 100% deployment status:

Deployment has failed. Method granulardeploy. Failed to execute hook 'cephreadycheck' command: cd / && ruby /etc/puppet/modules/osnailyfacter/modular/ceph/cephready_check.rb

Task: 7fe935c3-7cf3-49b5-9def-1b99d2007295: shell timeout error: execution expired Task timeout: 1800, Retries:

uids: - '9' parameters: cmd: ruby /etc/puppet/modules/osnailyfacter/modular/ceph/cephreadycheck.rb cwd: / timeout: 1800 priority: 1000 failonerror: true type: shell id: cephreadycheck

Hello Team,

I have recently started playing around with OPNFV and its Brahmaputra release. Currently, I am trying to install the complete suite using FUEL installer for 5 node cluster and Neutron Tunnel segmentation.

While installation, I am getting this error and due to which deployment fails.

Could not prefetch keystone_endpoint provider 'openstack'

After this installer goes into error state and when I retry, it again takes a long time and ultimately fails at this.

Please suggest how to debug this issue.

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Hi, is it possible to upload somewhere /var/log/puppet.log file from node where you see that error occurred? There should be additional information why execution of openstackclient was failed.

mskalski ( 2016-07-13 03:26:42 -0700 )edit

@mskalski: I deleted the environment and created new one. Please check my update in original post.

Amit Bhardwaj ( 2016-07-17 07:59:21 -0700 )edit