reconfigure repo of mos through web ui but it did not work

asked 2016-06-13 19:55:01 -0700

wu.zhihui gravatar image

I noticed that fuel@OPNFV has been in process of update and integration. According to the log of fuel daily ci job on zte-pod1, mos's repo url is still liberty-8.0 not mitaka-9.0(same with Auxiluary). So I reconfigure it through web ui and redeployed. But it threw an error.

Deployment has failed. All nodes are finished. Failed tasks: Task[setup_repositories/1],[setup_repositories/3,[setup_repositories/2]?[setup_repositories/4]?[setup_repositories/] Stopping the deployment process.

I checked log and found it still requested to .

I attach the screen snaps for details. error.jpg log.jpg

I had a try to create a new env through web ui. Fuel setting of this env showed that repo url of mos and Auxiliary was . With the correct repo url of mos9.0 and Auxiliary, the deployment was successful.

Why the reconfiguration on existing env did not work?

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